Our heart is a muscular pump that pumps blood to different parts of the body upon stimulation by electrical impulses that lead to rhythmic contraction and dilation. Heart is made up of four chambers and four valves, and for the heart to function properly chambers, valves and heart muscles need to function synchronously. Echocardiogram or echo is a diagnostic test that helps to evaluate heart anatomy and functioning of the heart.

What is Echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram test uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound waves) to produce images of the heart. It is a type of ultrasound test that uses a transducer which emits high-pitched sound waves and the echoes of the sound waves that bounce off the different parts of the heart, are recorded by the device. These echoes can be seen as pictures of the heart.

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Echocardiogram test facilities in jaipur

At Jaipur Heart and Multispeciality Centre, we have an expert team of doctors and technicians to provide detailed echocardiogram checkup in Jaipur at economical rates. Equipped with latest technology and advanced cath labs, we provide the best echocardiogram checkups in Bani Park, Jaipur.

Why is Echocardiogram Done?

An echo can be performed to detect-

  • Abnormal heart valves and rhythms
  • The size and shape of heart, and the size and thickness of heart walls
  • The heart’s pumping strength
  • Problems with the pericardia
  • Problems with the large blood vessels of the heart
  • Abnormal holes between the chambers of the heart

How is Echocardiogram Performed?

A device called transducer is placed on different areas of the body, like chest and upper abdomen. The transducer releases high-frequency sound waves. Then the transducer picks up the echoes of the emitted waves and transmits them back as electrical impulses. The echocardiography machine then converts these echo waves into moving pictures of the heart.

Jaipur Heart and Multispeciality Centre offers the best echocardiogram test in Rajasthan that can help in an early detection of a cardiac disease thereby helping you get better in time. Get an echocardiogram test done in Bani Park, Jaipur at our centre, and get advice from the most expert cardiac doctors. We also has a range of cardiac tests and procedures, which are conducted under the supervision of expert technicians to provide pronounced echocardiogram tests to our patients in Jaipur.