Holter Monitoring

A Holter monitor test is done using a Holter monitor, which is a small wearable device to keep a track of the patient’s heart rhythm during everyday activities and exercises. Your doctor may ask you to wear a Holter monitor for about a day or two for appropriate results. All that time, the device will constantly record the wearer’s heartbeats.

When you take a Holter checkup in Jaipur Heart and Multispeciality Centre, our doctors will use the information captured on the Holter monitor to decipher on your heart rhythm problem. In rare instances when a standard Holter monitor doesn’t capture irregular heartbeats, our doctors suggest the patients to take up a wireless Holter monitor test that can go on for weeks.

Why is It Done?

Generally, if someone experiences symptoms of a heart problem, the first test a doctor suggests is an electrocardiogram, which is a transitory, noninvasive test done with the use of electrodes that are taped to the patient’s chest to check their heart’s rhythm. However, not always does an electrocardiogram correctly detect the irregularities in one’s heart rhythm because it’s a short-lasting procedure monitoring the heart for a particularly short period of time.

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If your health signs point towards an occasionally irregular heart rhythm that may be causing your heart condition, our doctors may recommend you to take a Holter monitor test in Jaipur, in which you’d be asked to wear the Holter monitor for a few days. The Holter monitor, over that period of time, will be able to detect heart rhythm irregularities that the electrocardiogram couldn’t detect.

So, if you see signs or symptoms of a heart problem, such as an irregular heartbeat or unexplained fainting, visit our doctors for an electrocardiogram or Holter monitor test in Bani Park, Jaipur. Moreover, remember, while wearing a Holter monitor may be a little inconvenient, it is an important test to help your doctor diagnose your heart condition. Jaipur Heart and Multispeciality Centre offers the best Holter monitor test in Rajasthan through its expertise and medical infrastructure. Do not take chances with your heart’s health, consult now.